Bokashi campaign in Yorkshire

¬† Yorkshire Council is doing it’s bit to help locals get their food waste back into the soil where it belongs. The less food waste going to landfill the better — for everyone. The deal in the council’s East Riding is that local homeowners get a subsidy on wormeries, kitchen caddies, home composters and bokashiContinue reading “Bokashi campaign in Yorkshire”

Family are winners in war on waste

Cool story here about a family in the UK that have become champions. In the very down-to-earth business of cutting down the amount of waste they throw out. The winning family, Vicky and David Borrell their¬†baby Isaac managed to win the prize by cutting their food waste by 100 per cent. They simply stopped throwingContinue reading “Family are winners in war on waste”

Bokashi and the carbon battle

We’re all in it together one way or another. The great carbon battle. The sources of the problem are of course many. And one of them, inocuous as it may seem, is actually our food waste. The thing is food rots when your back is turned. Rotting food lets off a lot of carbon dioxideContinue reading “Bokashi and the carbon battle”