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Bokashi is a great way of making rich, living soil out of everyday food waste. There are other types of bokashi used in other applications auch as agriculture, it’s a broad concept.

But it always involves EM microbes, fermentation and organic material.
Our focus here in this community is on food and organic waste from households, restaurants and markets.

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We’re here to inspire you and help you get started with bokashi.
If you’re a new beginner, follow our guide to getting started, and watch the video series put together by Sara Bäckmo.
If you’ve been doing bokashi for a while, turn to the guide and our series of Q&A videos.
To go deep into the wonderful world of soil, work your way through the many excellent resources on our Soil Science and other education pages!

Learn more bokashi and soil

New beginner?

Guide & videos
Guide and videos that will help you get started with bokashi at home, at work, or in your community. The more you know the more fun it is – and the more ideas you can try

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Videos and articles
In-depth information that will help you learn more about bokashi and help you get the most out of your setup at home. Lots of tips & ideas you can come back to as you need to

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Resource list
Some great lists of resources that will help you dig deep into soil science, regenerative agriculture and immune health – it all comes down to the health of your soil in the end

Bokashi around the world

Learn more about our exciting project in Myanmar, and what’s happening with bokashi in other parts of the world.

Our latest bokashi stories from around the world

Biochar and bokashi = great combo

Anyone here know about biochar? I’m in Myanmar and they’re using a lot of biochar made from rice husks as a potting mix base. I’m not sure how they’re making it; if its real pyrolysis (sort of burning it without oxygen). How can you tell, do you know? Time to stop using peat! From a…

Nature farming and EM workshop

The last days I’ve been at a Nature Farming workshop at the EM center in Saraburi, just outside Bangkok. Interesting and very inspiring. Have a ton of pictures to share so I’ll post them in small batches. Nature Farming and EM is an integrated thing, but the nature farming movement has Japanese roots going back…

Organic recycling in Europe

I was out wandering in Bolzano, Italy the other day and saw this great example of organic waste collection. Very simple, it was just a brown bin outside the door of an apartment building in the old town. It just made me happy to see it, that’s all. So many cities say it can’t be…


Bokashiworld is run by Jenny Harlen, founder of Bokashi Sweden and co-founder of Bokashi Myanmar.

We hope to inspire you! To help you get started with bokashi at home, in your community, or in your workplace. Join the #soilrevolution and make a difference!

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