Jenny’s bokashi videos

Here’s a series of short videos I’ve made at home here in Sweden on some of the most common things that people ask about bokashi. I’ve been working with bokashi for well over a decade and have learned what people are curious about.

The good news is that there’s an answer to every question! Send me a message to @bokashiworld on our facebook page if you have a question you’d like me to take up – I’ll do my best! (Also: check the FAQ section here)

NEW! Bokashi Q&A series
Bokashi is part of the future solution!
How can I use bokashi juice?
Building a no-dig garden bed with bokashi!
Do rhododendrons like bokashi?
Bokashi and wood chips? Yes!
The easiest way to drain your bokashi liquid
How to fix a bokashi bucket that’s wet and smelly
Can you put lemons in your bokashi bin?
Bones – add them to your bokashi bin?
How to use bokashi with tomato seedlings
Vacuum dust in the compost? No.
Rhubarb leaves – in the bokashi bucket or not?
Bokashi in a trench is a good start!
Even weeds are valuable!
Beetroot makes your bokashi juice RED!!
Making photosynthesis fun for kids!
How does a tree use the carbon it makes to buy services?
Coffee grounds!
Free soil! Free food!
Dirt or soil? You choose!
Dark soil, light soil!
Feed your daffodils after they finish flowering!
Feeding your apple trees and helping the bees
The easy way to make your sewerage tank more effective
Eggshells in the bokashi? Yes, sure!
Newspaper, yes or no? This is how it can help!
The easy way to spray your garden with EM!
How do plants take up the nutrients from bokashi?
How much trash do you have post-bokashi?
Oxalic acid in rhubarb, mulching & bokashi!
Spray EM on your fruit trees to make them healthy!
Trouble keeping your boxwood hedge healthy?
This is why we need more trees!
How can we use trees to solve climate change?

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