Start learning!

Everything is interconnected it seems. We’ve been learning so much about this in recent years, and have so much more to learn. Many people tell us how their journey started with bokashi and lead them into learning more about the soil, about growing their own food, about immune health, climate change and regenerative agriculture. To make your journey easier, we’ve collected some of the resources here that we have found helpful over the years.

Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy food, healthy people, healthy planet.

It doesn’t get much more interconnected than that!

Soil science
Soil is the building block to everything we grow, and it even affects our immune health. We’ve paid so little attention to soil over the years, but things are changing.

Growing food
Growing your own food is a huge source of empowerment, and once you get good soil going in your garden the rest will come naturally.

Immune health
Our immune system works in very much the same way as the soil, and we need to feed it in the same smart way we feed our soil. Our future depends on it.

Regenerative Agriculture
Start with the soil science section, then move on to this. Regenerative agriculture IS the future of agriculture, and we need to support it.

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