Bokashi is a simple method for making great soil out of food scraps. But all the same, there’s a huge amount to learn, if you’re interested!

Why? Probably because it is so versatile. You can use bokashi really well in an apartment with a small balcony. But you can also use it in a small or big house, in the suburbs or in the countryside. You can use it if you have a farm, a school or a restaurant. And it will always work.

So, although the approach is almost the same every time, the details can vary widely. Here we’ve tried many different versions, and during our more than a decade working with bokashi, we have talked with people that have tried everything you can imagine.

Ultimately, we’d like to get all these methods documented here. Meanwhile, it’s just a random sampling. Hopefully it will inspire you to try out different methods for yourself. And please – share you results with us, so we can inspire even more people to get started and find what works where they are.

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