Stop burning

New research from Harvard shows that air pollution is linked to higher Coronavirus death rates. The more pollution in the air, the sicker people are likely to get. 

Lockdown has not helped reduce air pollution in Yangon and other cities and towns in SE Asia. Even though there are fewer cars, the air pollution readings for Yangon, for example, are still very high.

So what’s the reason for this?
It means that air pollution is not coming mostly from traffic, as we thought. And not from construction sites or factories either – these are mostly closed down.

The main source of air pollution in Yangon and the surrounding area seems to be open burning.
In Yangon people are burning dry leaves everywhere, in homes, gardens and on official premises. The dry leaves are often burned with plastic waste. Outside the city, crop residues are being burned after the paddy harvest. 
All this is creating terrible air quality.

Cleaning the air is one of the most important things we can do to protect our health at the moment. 
Read more on the links below, but more importantly, start today to make a difference. Every day counts. 

Start here

Why burn dry leaves when you can put them to good use!

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