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In every country (we think!), on every continent, people are using bokashi. The message is starting to spread quickly, finally, after many years of just simmering. People are understanding that we have to take care of our soil, use our resources as best we can, and find smarter ways to deal with our food waste.

Our aim from the day we started this blog was to bring together bokashi stories from around the world. Little did we know that we’d end up starting two companies in such disparate countries as Sweden and Myanmar along the way!

Over the decade and a half I’ve been working with bokashi I’ve met (digitally, of course, but some in real life) thousands of bokashi users and a number of wonderful bokashi colleagues from different parts of the world. Every part of the world, now I come to think of it.

To start with, I’ll share with you the stories of Bokashi Sweden and Bokashi Myanmar. I hope soon to add the stories of my colleagues in New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, the Philippines, Thailand and Egypt. There are more, but this will keep me busy for a while, so watch this space!

Meanwhile, check out what we’re doing in Myanmar – it’s a very cool project, and despite any number of setups we keep on bouncing back and making bokashi history.

Our latest stories from around the world

Biochar and bokashi = great combo

Anyone here know about biochar? I’m in Myanmar and they’re using a lot of biochar made from rice husks as a potting mix base. I’m not sure how they’re making it; if its real pyrolysis (sort of burning it without oxygen). How can you tell, do you know? Time to stop using peat! From a…

Nature farming and EM workshop

The last days I’ve been at a Nature Farming workshop at the EM center in Saraburi, just outside Bangkok. Interesting and very inspiring. Have a ton of pictures to share so I’ll post them in small batches. Nature Farming and EM is an integrated thing, but the nature farming movement has Japanese roots going back…

Organic recycling in Europe

I was out wandering in Bolzano, Italy the other day and saw this great example of organic waste collection. Very simple, it was just a brown bin outside the door of an apartment building in the old town. It just made me happy to see it, that’s all. So many cities say it can’t be…

Pop-up gardening in Christchurch

Christchurch, the third-biggest city in New Zealand, has had a terrible time the last years. They got hit with a huge earthquake in 2010, an even more traumatic one in 2011, and then the quakes and uncertainty just kept coming. The city centre has long been razed but the go-ahead for new building hasn’t really come until…

Bokashi 101 on webradio

A couple of weeks ago I got to do something fun. Talk about Bokashi on webradio! There’s a woman in Montana who does a web radio show on gardening. (What else could she possibly write about given that her name is Kate Gardner?!). She called and we talked. And talked…and talked. Probably got a bit…


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