Nature farming and EM workshop

The last days I’ve been at a Nature Farming workshop at the EM center in Saraburi, just outside Bangkok. Interesting and very inspiring.
Have a ton of pictures to share so I’ll post them in small batches.
Nature Farming and EM is an integrated thing, but the nature farming movement has Japanese roots going back a hundred years. It’s ALL about taking care of soil in a natural and smart way, working and living in harmony with the animals and plants around us, and also with ourselves.
The farm at Kyusei has been running for nearly 30 years from memory, totally organic, and here they’ve been systematically been using EM since the early days. It’s 170 hectares, big!!, and includes a number of demo farms (S, M, L) where many Thai farmers have and are being trained.
This workshop is run twice a year, so it was a privilege to be there. We were a small group of 20 or so from all over Asia and me from Europe: soil scientists, biologists, forward thinking organic farmers wanting to bring about agricultural change in their home countries, and a number of very skilled technical guys from Japan. I was representing bokashi in Sweden.
So extremely interesting!
And the food was amazing.


Toru Koshoji, head of EMRO Asia. Kyusei Nature Farming Center.


The chooks are so healthy! They get EM in their feed and in their drinking water, the green snacks come from the green manure and crops in the crop rows. Kyusei Nature Farming Center.


With Kentaro Sakibara, course leader and technical guru from INFRC, the International Nature Farming Research Council, and Anisa, from Malaysia. She’s a professor of soil science and one cool woman. Like the hats? Kyusei Nature Farming Center.


EM Thai style. The production facility is nearby. Kyusei Nature Farming Center.


It’s so big we got to ride around on a tourist train. Just as well, it was pretty hot. Like the hats? Kyusei Nature Farming Center.


Obligatory group shot😉 Kyusei Nature Farming Center.


2 thoughts on “Nature farming and EM workshop

  1. Wow wish I could be a part of something like this. Amazing. I did bokashi method of composting for 3years in our society of 54 families. It worked beautifully till some fools came along and stopped it. Can’t change the world alone😥

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