What is bokashi?

Bokashi is a great way of making rich, living soil out of everyday food waste. There are other types of bokashi used in other applications auch as agriculture, it’s a broad concept. But it always involves EM microbes, fermentation and organic material.
Our focus here in this community is on food and organic waste from households, restaurants and markets.
When this type of organic material is layered with EM bokashi bran in an airtight bucket or barrel it ferments in a couple of weeks. There are no issues with smell or hygiene and you can do this indoors if you wish.
The fermented material is then dug down straight into the ground or a planting container where it is rapidly transformed into soil.
Ideal for planting, or for later use as a humus-rich organic fertiliser.

What’s bokashi all about?

The other day, I received a question from a student writing an essay about bokashi. What’s it about, basically? So very cool that this is happening! That students are writing essays and dealing with these all important issues of soil, food waste, sustainability, in a hands on, practical manner. Anyhow, just to get the conversation…

Starting up with bokashi

Bokashi is actually really easy. But the first bucket or two you do often feels quite strange. It’s not natural for us to squirrel away food waste in a bucket in the kitchen, and we’re trained to think bacteria is risky and any rubbish in the kitchen should be removed immediately, before it starts to…

What actually happens in a Bokashi bin?

Do you remember the first time you looked in your first-ever Bokashi bucket? All the excitement of a sparkling new project on the go. Hopes and dreams about changing your life, changing the world. So you open your bucket and… Nothing. Just food scraps. Sort of mushy, but still — food scraps. Is that it…

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