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Are you a teacher? Please help get soil onto the agenda!

Kids all learn photosynthesis but few get to really understand how important soil is in so many parts of our lives. Here we’re collecting together some resources that might help you include this message in your classes.

Start here!

Kiss the Ground has made an excellent (and totally free) curriculum for middle school students. There’s a US version and an Australian version, you can download all the material on the links below.

Kiss the Ground’s Free Middle School Curriculum that we developed in partnership with Life Lab is designed to introduce young people to the magic of soil and the fascinating connection it has to the food we eat, our health and our climate. The 5-lesson curriculum, written to serve as supplemental material for the Next Generation Science Standards, teaches about the carbon cycle, photosynthesis, soil science, various agricultural practices, and concludes with a regenerative soil-based project. Our aim is to have this curriculum in every US state and translated for global distribution. It’s free, help us get the word out!

Download the Kiss the Ground curriculum here!

Next steps

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