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09. Digging down other stuff into your bokashi hole

Follows on from: How much bokashi should you dig down? Bokashi is the ideal way to deal with kitchen compost, but what about all the other waste that comes out of a garden? The stuff that usually forms the base of your garden compost….

Why the soil under our feet is so damn important

How come no one talks about soil? There’s always a lot of discussion about water, about energy, about wildlife, about air. All good. But it’s always been very quiet on the soil front. But now, finally, it seems soil is up on the agenda….

Bokashi and the carbon battle

We’re all in it together one way or another. The great carbon battle. The sources of the problem are of course many. And one of them, inocuous as it may seem, is actually our food waste. The thing is food rots when your back…

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