Why the soil under our feet is so damn important

How come no one talks about soil? There’s always a lot of discussion about water, about energy, about wildlife, about air. All good. But it’s always been very quiet on the soil front. But now, finally, it seems soil is up on the agenda. The global¬†Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)¬†has got started with a seriesContinue reading “Why the soil under our feet is so damn important”

2015: International Year of the Soils

And about time! We have been talking about pollution, the environment, climate change and the future of the planet for decades. We talk about the air, about the water, about sound pollution, plastic and deforestation. But when was the last time you ever heard anyone talking about our soil? About the fact that if weContinue reading “2015: International Year of the Soils”