Family are winners in war on waste

Photo: Shields Gazette

Cool story here about a family in the UK that have become champions. In the very down-to-earth business of cutting down the amount of waste they throw out.

The winning family, Vicky and David Borrell their baby Isaac managed to win the prize by cutting their food waste by 100 per cent. They simply stopped throwing out food they couldn’t eat.

The article says they saved some £57 a week on their grocery bill in the process. (Which sounds like a huge amount of money to me — but even if its a media beatup the point still holds. There’s money to be had in this. UK research says the average family wastes £610 a year by throwing food away.)

Eight other local families were involved in the six-week challenge to see how much they could reduce their food waste. They got some help along the way, tips on how to reduce food waste in the kitchen as well as how to keep the scraps out of landfill by composting and/or using a wormery or bokashi bin.

In the UK, food waste is still being sent to the tip where it causes nothing but trouble for the environment. Methane and carbon dioxide from landfill are major contributors to the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. The obvious solution is to stop doing it. Deal with the food waste in a way which is carbon-friendly. (And needless to say, Bokashi is the most carbon-friendly of the above options.)

This was a really cool initiative. Imagine the effect it would have if we ran fun competitions like this all over the place, make people part of the change and create everyday heros who can help inspire us. It’s easy to be daunted by the huge impact of climate change and forget how many small, everyday things there are that we can get stuck in and do. Here and now!

Source: Shields Gazette

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