Try Bokashi in your vacuum cleaner!


Now I’m not the person you should come and talk to about cleaning. Vacuum cleaning is amongst the worse things I know. But the cleaner did actually come out in the weekend here and it reminded me that I really should mention my little Bokashi-in-the-vacuum-cleaner trick.

Actually, it’s dead easy. Toss a handful of Bokashi on the floor and suck it up with the vacuum cleaner. It gets into the bag and goes to work there, the microbes make a home amongst the dust and debris that’s accumulated from the floor.

I imagine it’s healthier, after all the Bokashi bacteria are “good guys” and they go to work straight away to outnumber the “bad guys” that came in with the dust. But best of all is the smell. Or lack of it.

What I really REALLY hate about vacuum cleaning is the smell of the hot air that comes out of the thing. And that’s a lot better now than it’s ever been. A really nice little side benefit of Bokashi that makes life a bit easier.

And actually, I do pull out the vacuum cleaner slightly more often now than I used to!

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