Bokashi campaign in Yorkshire


Yorkshire Council is doing it’s bit to help locals get their food waste back into the soil where it belongs. The less food waste going to landfill the better — for everyone.

The deal in the council’s East Riding is that local homeowners get a subsidy on wormeries, kitchen caddies, home composters and bokashi buckets.

The local paper, Goole Courier, writes:

Councillor Stephen Parnaby, OBE, leader of the council, said: “Food waste is a problem for the East Riding. In the checks we undertook in July on the waste in the green bins, 2.5kg in each bin was food.

“Managing food waste is a challenge facing the whole of the UK, with one bag of shopping in every three being thrown away.”

Do we have any readers out there in Yorkshire? Let us know what’s happening in your local community! Is it making a difference? Are people really getting into it and doing something to get more waste out of their bins and worms into their gardens?

Let’s hope so!

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