Bokashiworld: Perak in Malaysia

 Dr Mah, head of health, local government, consumer, env­ironment, transport and non-Islamic affairs

Now we’re off to Malaysia to check out a Bokashi story in Perak. First stop, admittedly, was the atlas. I’ve travelled through Malaysia a couple of times but can’t say my geography is any better for that. Turns out that it’s on the western side of Malaysia, north of Kuala Lumpur.

Anyhow, as presented in an article in The Star, Perak “has jumped on the green wagon by introducing the use of effective microorganisms (EM) to clean rivers and reduce waste.”

State executive councillor Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said a task force comprising various government departments and agencies had been set up to further promote the use of EM among the public.

The drainage and irrigation department is apparently already using EM to clean local rivers, and the city council has started using to keep local markets clean. The veterinary services department is also looking into its use in pig farms. And coming up is a campaign to educate the public in using EM and Bokashi.

Now I know where Perak is, I’ll try to keep an eye on future Bokashi news from the area. It’s just great to see it working on a human scale in the public arena. Something we could do more of here in Europe!

One thought on “Bokashiworld: Perak in Malaysia

  1. Friends of EM is a non-governmental organization that was set up to promote the use of EM. Based in Ipoh, Perak, the group meets monthly to help members and friends know more about EM and its many applications. We are also working with the Ipoh City Council and Perak government in environmental remediation projects such as cleaning wet markets and rivers.

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