Bokashi in Shangri-La!

Just the word Shangri-La conjures up some long-lost dreams of paradise, but in real life its a hotel chain in Malaysia. Which is working hard with EM and Bokashi to improve its environmental efforts.

Recently the chain’s Tanung Aru hotel resort and spa on Kotakinabalu (yes, I know this is turning into a hide-and-seek geography lesson — Kotabalu is on the top end of the Malaysian part of the island we probably think of as Borneo, I had to look it up too!) invited an environmental school group to see what the hotel is doing on the green front. Which is corporately known as its CSR programme, short for corporate social responsibility.

The students got to learn how the hotel uses EM in its daily operations as well as how they use Bokashi for composting purposes and to make Bokashi balls — a simple and cost-effective way of putting effective microorganisms into waterways to help slow algae buildup and resolve other pollution issues. The students also went home with a few Bokashi bins of their own to further the good work.

Good to see something practical and hands-on coming out of corporate hands, they say it takes a community to raise a child but you could say something similar about looking after our local environment. Wherever we are on the globe.

Here’s the article in the travel industry’s Travel Blackboard.

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