Bokashi world: North Yorkshire

Bokashi is big in the UK, and really well supported by local councils throughout the country. If you do a google search on bokashi +council +site:uk you’ll turn up a huge amount of hits; I got 1,730 references to what councils are doing in terms of Bokashi. And that’s in the UK alone. North YorkshireContinue reading “Bokashi world: North Yorkshire”

Bokashi world: Gisborne, NZ

Here’s a nice down-to-earth confirmation that Bokashi is A Good Thing. On one of my random web searches I just turned up a letter-to-the-editor written last month to a local newspaper in Gisborne, which is a lovely town in the North Island of New Zealand. If you enjoy a bottle of NZ chardonnay there’s a Continue reading “Bokashi world: Gisborne, NZ”

What to do with your Bokashi when you live in a flat

Bokashi works just fine in an apartment, you fill your bucket under the kitchen sink just like anyone else. But every two or three weeks you’ll have a fully fermented bucket on your hands and the question is what to do about it then. I thought this thread was interesting for just that reason, aContinue reading “What to do with your Bokashi when you live in a flat”