Bokashi world: Gisborne, NZ


Here’s a nice down-to-earth confirmation that Bokashi is A Good Thing.

On one of my random web searches I just turned up a letter-to-the-editor written last month to a local newspaper in Gisborne, which is a lovely town in the North Island of New Zealand. If you enjoy a bottle of NZ chardonnay there’s a  good chance it comes from around that way!

Anyhow, it was a simple letter, written simply to thank the local Gisborne council for a good initiative: introducing the Bokashi system into the area a couple of years ago. In the note, Sandy Carter wrote that:

It entails placing the Bokashi’s contents on the ground, covering and then planting potatoes, sweet corn or any vegetable you choose on top. It gives those plants a head start.

After a period of time the soil becomes friable and dark, an asset to any vegetable or flower garden.

It’s a nice friendly letter, encouraging in these days of crisis. It’s in the online archives if you click here in The Gisborne Herald.

PS It’s a great photo isn’t it? Looks like paradise. Especially sitting here surrounded by snow in the Swedish winter…

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