Where is Bokashi hot?

Google has a trend meter where you can type in a word and see where the hotspots are in the world.

So of course I typed in “bokashi” to see what would turn up. Bokashi is a Japanese word but it’s used widely around the globe as the name for, well, Bokashi. As in household fermenting of kitchen waste.

It turns out that NZ and Australia are the hot spots. Which doesn’t surprise me having grown up in NZ and lived in Australia for many years. Not that people are any greener there than anywhere else, it’s just that there have been a few people who’ve been passionate about getting Bokashi started. In NZ it all began some 10 years ago and is now a part of daily life for many people I know. In Australia it started to gain momentum a few years later, but is again rolling out into the mainstream.

I know for a fact there are millions of users of Bokashi in cities and villages in Asia, but they are not necessarily showing up on Google’s trend-o-meter. Indonesia tops the chart by a huge margin, so I wonder if Bokashi doesn’t have an extra meaning in Bahasa Indonesian or one of their many other languages.

So: — top of the Bokashi pops are (cities):

1. Auckland, New Zealand
2. Jakarta, Indonesia
3. North Shore, New Zealand
4. Adelaide, Australia
5. Melbourne, Australia
6. Perth, Australia
7. Sydney, Australia
8. Brisbane, Australia
9. London, United Kingdom
10. Manchester, United Kingdom

The countries topping the list for news references to Bokashi were the following:

Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Columbia, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Netherlands.

We haven’t got Sweden onto the map yet but we will!!

Click here to see for yourself and do some homespun analysis. It’s interesting!

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