Bokashi 1-2-3

Jenny Harlen

Jenny Harlen

The thing with Bokashi is that it’s dead easy. The whole concept seems really strange and different at first but when you start doing it you can’t help thinking what’s the big deal. Because there is none, big deal that is. Basically you just toss your kitchen waste in a different bin to what you used to and at the end of the day take care of it yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you.

So: the Bokashi 1-2-3.

1. Put all your food scraps from the day in your Bokashi bin — meat, fish, pasta, coffee, veggies.

2. Sprinkle over a handful of Bokashi bran — the “good” microbes start working on your food waste.

3. Keep on filling your bucket until it’s full then leave it to ferment for a couple of weeks while you fill the other bucket.

4. Drain off the Bokashi liquid regularly — it’s a fantastic organic fertilser for your plants.

5. Use your Bokashi compost in the garden! Dig it down into your veggie patch or garden beds, add it into to your traditional compost, or mix with soil in outdoor flower planters or tomato pots.

6. Enjoy your healthy plants and the knowledge you’re doing a great thing for the environment!

4 thoughts on “Bokashi 1-2-3

  1. I’m obviously new to your blog and was wonderin’ where a girl gets a bin? It sounds just like you wrote, too easy! I need a couple of these bad boys!

    1. How fun you’ve discovered Bokashi! What country do you live in? We’re based in Sweden so that’s probably no help at all but I’d be happy to help you find a local supplier.

  2. sooo many questions. i’m in the usa and it hasn’t really hit big here yet. do you always have to buy the bokashi online? can you make small batches of it?

  3. Hi Karen. Check Bokashi Cycle if you haven’t already, they have a lot of good info there and are in the US. You can make Bokashi yourself, but to be honest small batches are often more trouble than it’s worth and a little goes a long way. If you’re a bunch of families (or school or whatever) it’s definitely worth looking into it, check the EM America site for info.
    Probably best to buy online the first couple of times while you get the hang of it though.
    Good luck!!!

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