Bokashi in a bag! Perfect for Christmas leftovers

There’s something I’ve been wondering about for a long time: can you ferment Bokashi in a plastic bag? So I’ve been testing it over the last months. And I have to say I’m quite excited about the result. Because it works every bit as well as a bucket once you get the hang of it.Continue reading “Bokashi in a bag! Perfect for Christmas leftovers”

Bokashi experiment on the go in Edmonton

Just got a comment on our “about” page from Mike in Edmonton, I wrote about his Bokashi startup a couple of months ago and he’s got right into it since then. So much so he’s ¬†running a cool experiment in mid-winter Canada. To round up a bunch of people to test Bokashi where they live.Continue reading “Bokashi experiment on the go in Edmonton”

Bokashi on an apartment balcony

Here on the blog we get a lot of visits from people looking for ideas for balcony gardens — and how they can use Bokashi in an urban environment where there’s not always a garden handy. How about starting a “soil factory” on your balcony? Hardly needs any space and you can keep your fermentedContinue reading “Bokashi on an apartment balcony”

Make your own “soil factory”!

…and as you can see, it’s not in the least complicated! This is a great way of putting your fermented Bokashi to use without having to dig holes or mess around with compost. Best of all, it’s really quick and easy and you won’t get your hands, clothes or shoes¬†dirty. You’ll need a plastic storageContinue reading “Make your own “soil factory”!”

A Los Angeles apartment-dweller’s adventures with Bokashi composting

I know there’s a lot of people who live in apartments and would love to get into Bokashi composting but don’t know quite how to get started or if it would be the right thing for them. Here’s a woman in LA who does a great blog on Bokashi, she explains all the ins andContinue reading “A Los Angeles apartment-dweller’s adventures with Bokashi composting”

What to do with your Bokashi when you live in a flat

Bokashi works just fine in an apartment, you fill your bucket under the kitchen sink just like anyone else. But every two or three weeks you’ll have a fully fermented bucket on your hands and the question is what to do about it then. I thought this thread was interesting for just that reason, aContinue reading “What to do with your Bokashi when you live in a flat”