Bokashi experiment on the go in Edmonton

Just got a comment on our “about” page from Mike in Edmonton, I wrote about his Bokashi startup a couple of months ago and he’s got right into it since then.

So much so he’s  running a cool experiment in mid-winter Canada. To round up a bunch of people to test Bokashi where they live. In houses, apartments, condos (can someone please tell me what is a condo actually is?) — families, singles, flatmates.

The local Bokashi supplier is backing him and he’ll track the various outcomes. Needless to say I’m dead curious to see how it turns out. Midwinter Canada? Sort of sends the same sort of arctic chills up your spine as this place. So the perfect test in other words. If we can get Bokashi going in these climes (and belive me, we can!), then it’ s got to be a piece of cake down in the tropics. Which is basically everywhere south of the arctic circle…

So, know anyone who lives in Edmonton? Get them to have a chat with Mike!! And let us know how you get on!

More info here>>

3 thoughts on “Bokashi experiment on the go in Edmonton

  1. How can I find out more about bokashi in arctic climates? We’re interested in learning how to for Nunavut.

    1. Hi! Not many people are working with arctic Bokashi as far as I know, we’ve learnt what we have by trial and error and I’m more than happy to share. Send me a mail if you’d like ( or list up your questions here and I’ll do what I can to answer them. We’re in mid-Sweden by the way but we work with a lot of people in north Sweden who are having great success with Bokashi, I could possibly put you in touch with some of these truly arctic gardeners!

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