Bokashi on an apartment balcony


Here on the blog we get a lot of visits from people looking for ideas for balcony gardens — and how they can use Bokashi in an urban environment where there’s not always a garden handy.

How about starting a “soil factory” on your balcony? Hardly needs any space and you can keep your fermented Bokashi food waste cycling through it year round if you live in a halfway decent climate. (Which ours is not unfortunately, but thank god for cellars!)

You’ll end up with a steady supply of fantastically rich soil. If you’re growing anything at all on your balcony it will be a godsend, you’ll notice the difference in the vitality of your plants immediately if you start growing them in Bokashi-soil.

Your friends and neighbours are sure to want some too, and it’s not hard to fill a plastic bag with fresh, healthy “supersoil” and drop it in to a neighbour. Or bring to a work colleague, to your allotment garden, or topdress the plants in the gardens around your apartment buildings. Guerilla gardening anyone?

Check the following post for instructions how to do it, it’s dead easy I promise, and if you experiment a bit you’ll come up with something that works really well for you.

And if you don’t have a balcony? Then try the cellar! Maybe you can get together with some of your neighbours and start a soil factory in the basement, perhaps even alongside the other recycling stations for paper and glass and stuff. You can reassure them there won’t be any smell or mess, after all you’re just dealing with a bunch of plastic boxes and good old natural soil. And there won’t be any problems with rats, they don’t actually like the stuff as it is too acidic for them. And anyhow, the boxes are sealed.

And the real bonus of all this is less rubbish to cart around. You don’t have to drag so many rubbish bags down to the big bin, and there’s less stuff for the council to cart away. And if everyone did it in your building you’d have a much nicer smelling basement. Guaranteed!

And who knows, maybe even a nice-looking flower garden instead!

One thought on “Bokashi on an apartment balcony

  1. Composting in apartement is really pocible. the balcony alternative is really good, and other way, as you wrote, the cellar could also be a good place to put your bokashi bin. I think you can always find a way, but having information and idea is always good to take! Tank you for your web site, it is really great!

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