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15. Tricks to making a good soil factory

Follows on from: Using charcoal in your soil factory About the soil. Use whatever you have on hand. And a 50:50 mix is often best, although you can do this however you want. The smaller pieces you have in your bokashi bucket the faster…

08. How much bokashi should you dig down?

Follows on from: When your bokashi has become soil So, your bokashi has become soil. How strong is it and what can you plant in it? As a completely general rule of thumb, around one-third bokashi and two-thirds soil is a good guide for…

06. Time to plant your garden!

Following on from: Making soil out of your bokashi So, back to the process. You’ve dug down your bokashi and you’re ready to plant your garden. How and when? Rule of thumb: don’t let roots get in contact directly with bokashi the first two…

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