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15. Tricks to making a good soil factory

Follows on from: Using charcoal in your soil factory About the soil. Use whatever you have on hand. And a 50:50 mix is often best, although you can do this however you want. The smaller pieces you have in your bokashi bucket the faster…

14. Using charcoal in your soil factory

Follows on from: Make a soil factory It’s really good to have some form of absorbent material in the bottom of your soil factory. The absolute best is charcoal. You can use the same charcoal you’d use on the barbecue as long as there…

DIY Bokashi buckets — Swedish “green buckets”

Been meaning to post these pictures for ages! This is how we do DIY buckets in Sweden. It just doesn’t get much simpler than this! Plastic buckets with a neat lid and newspaper to take up the liquid. The buckets are standard off-the-shelf buckets…

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