Bokashi in Calcutta

Calcutta. (Kalkota, actually.) A teeming city with over 15 million inhabitants. Hot. Crowded. Intense. You can just imagine the problem with food waste.

Nice story here from The Telegraph in Calcutta, a brave new initiative on food waste, Bokashi and community.

The Nangkyrsoi self-help group from Pynthorbah locality highlighted the advantages of Bokashi composting as an alternative to waste management in an interaction at the citizens’ meet on Shillong’s Environment at Raitong building today, organised by the People’s Learning Centre.

At a time when waste management seems a Herculean task, the self-help group has come forth to show that waste can actually be a resource.

Bokashi Zing is the name Bokashi bran goes under in New Zealand, which means there’s a connection somewhere in getting the new scheme off the ground. (If anyone knows more about the backstory we’d love to hear it!)

The people behind the project started up in January this year in Shillong, Calcutta along with other places like Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The goal is that community members will generate much-needed income by producing and selling Bokashi bran.

Which is a great story in itself. Before you even get started on the environmental benefits.

Read more here>>

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