Nothing but snow

We well and truly have winter here now. No garden in sight, even the fence has gone under.

Christmas has been a start-to-finish snow storm, and today we tried to shovel ourselves out of the house and open up channels to the wood sheds, the outdoor laundry shed, the bokashi workshop. Dig out the car, try and get the road ploughed. But now it’s fixed and it all looks like the ultimate christmas card. Worth it, therefore. (I think. Hard to be really sure when I’m hearing from my friends and family in Australia and NZ busy sunning themselves on the beach).

Been looking out the kitchen window at my planting beds, the ones we built this summer three planks high 5m long. Just now they look more like long soft clouds under all the snow. It’s really hard to imagine there ever being life in them again. Can’t help wondering what the worms are doing in there. They’re quite tough actually, hanging in to the last chomping their way through the Bokashi layer near the top of the beds. Five metre long worm farms…

But now I imagine they’ve gone down under, not the down under where I would like to be right now (beaches, barbeques, summer holidays…) but down under the soil where it’s not frozen. Where I assume they’ll just tick over on low gear till it’s time to greet the spring.

Pretty much the way I feel here too actually. Idling impatiently, fantasising about what seeds to plant as soon as it’s vaguely decent, what herbs to have in the new herb patch and how to go about harvesting and drying them come summer. What joy there will be in kicking around in gumboots again in the garden, digging and planting, fixing and fiddling. By April we’ll well and truly have had enough white.

Roll on green!

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