Dog poo + Bokashi = true!


You read right, dog poo makes great Bokashi. At least that’s according to Sarhn McArthur who lives in Sydney with a couple of dogs, a townhouse and a courtyard. And the courtyard, of course, gets scattered with dog poo at regular intervals.

You can read more about how she deals with it in her blog here, but basically she’s set up a special Bokashi bin for the dogs. A normal bucket with an airtight lid would do the trick. Line it with a newspaper torn in half to soak up any potential liquid (not necessarily needed). You could also line the whole bin with a biodegradable bag if you wanted to reduce the ick factor.

Fill the bucket gradually with dog poo, sprinkling regularly with Bokashi. Let it do its work. Then when it’s had time to ferment use the contents in your garden. NOT anywhere where food is going to grow. But its ideal as a bottom fertiliser layer in an outdoor planter, or when you’re renovating a patch of garden bed ready for replanting. Or whatever.

Sahrn makes it easy and judging by her photos it works fantastically well. She just fills the pot with fermented dog poo, scoops out a hole for the plant to go in, pops in the plant and covers over a bit with potting soil so it all looks nice. And bingo, you have a healthy fantastic plant!

Yep, I can understand this maynot be something that suits everyone but our dogs are going to do their business whether we like it or not. It certainly makes more sense to use it this way than filling a lot of small plastic doggy bags and sending them off to landfill. To throw away what is after all, a god-given fertiliser.

Cool idea Sahrn! Local recycling at best!

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