Kate’s Bokashi bucket

Photo: bobocreek.blogspot.com

Bokashi buckets come in all shapes and sizes. They look different in every country, and wherever you go people are finding cool ways of making their own. I thought it would be fun to pick a few and do a little show-and-tell here — a big thank you to the creative guys out there who have come up with so many practical, cost-effective solutions.

There are two basic criteria that you cannot compromise on: a Bokashi bucket must be airtight. And it must be drained properly.

Commercial buckets make this easy: there’s usually a built-in tap for draining the fluid, a little drainage platform inside, and a thoroughly airtight lid. You usually get two of them at once, which makes rotation easy. In Asia, New Zealand and other places a double bucket system is used: one bucket fits tightly inside the other, and the inside bucket has a lot of small holes to drain the liquid. We’ll take a look at that later. Also how you can make a Bokashi bucket using newspaper to soak up the fluid.

First up, here’s Kate’s Bokashi bucket. Kate’s blog is worth a read, she and her family are preparing to move from the inner city (Sydney) out to the Australian bush. They’re starting up a permaculture farm, no small task but hugely rewarding judging by their enthusiasm. So for those of you who think it’s hard work digging down a Bokashi bucket into your garden, spare a thought for Kate, she’s lugging them all the way out to their new property!

Kate’s basic idea is to take a bucket, screw in a tap, and make an internal drainage plate. She got a couple of tight-fitting buckets from “reverse garbage” and used the spare lid to create a raised drainage plate. Seems to work fine. She also made her own Bokashi bran herself, but you can always just buy that straight from a supplier. A bag really lasts quite a while and in the great scheme of things doesn’t cost terribly much. But whatever works for you.

Anyway check this out and we’ll be back soon with more creative ideas from Bokashi fans round the world!

Read Kate’s blog on how she made her own Bokashi bucket!

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