All those damn coffee grinds

Draining coffee for Bokashi

Well, I guess we all drink more coffee than we’d like to admit to. Personally I’m a prezzo drinker. A plunger. Or a whatever you call it wherever you are.

The coffee is of course great. And needed. But those damn grinds!

For years I’ve been tipping them down the sink. Cringing each time because I know I shouldn’t be doing it. Yes, it will block the drains in due course. Yes, it’s not the sort of stuff that should be in drains in the first place.

But it’s messy and how do you get it into the bin — compost, Bokashi, or otherwise — without a struggle? Easier just to shut your eyes and let it wash so easily down the drain.

OK, so now I’m running a zero-tolerance campaign here. NO waste is to be wasted. And this is how we deal with the coffee grinds. Piece of cake actually, don’t know why I didn’t think of it years ago.

Buy yourself one of those permanent filter things from the supermarket. Fill your plunger with water, swill it around and tip the coffee soup into the filter. Dump the filter into the plunger to drain off a bit. Next time you’re passing by the kitchen sink empty the filter of drained-off coffee grinds into your benchtop caddy (where the banana skins, tea bags and other good bits from the day are lurking until Bokashi hour when they go into the big bin).

Easy! So go on enjoying your coffee with a good conscience!!.

PS works just as well for draining rice, you know the icky sticky mess you get when you’ve soaked off all the rice you stuck to the bottom of the saucepan. (Which of course you didn’t mean to do but did anyhow….)

Coffee bokashi

2 thoughts on “All those damn coffee grinds

  1. Huh. It’s a French press here in Texas (for one sad moment, a “freedom press”). I use a flexible silicone spatula to remove UCG from it–same thing I use to get the last few bits of something from the bottom of a jar. But your way probably means less liquid in the bokashi bucket.

    Do you water acid-loving plants with the rinse water or something? Or is water conservation not a priority where you are?


    1. Hi! No, as luck has it we get a lot of rain here, are surrounded by clean fresh lakes and we have our own water — sounds like we really live in the sticks, doesn’t it? (But actually civilisation is close to hand :-)!). But it’s a good idea to pour the drain-off onto some plants, I often do that with the water from boiling potatoes or a cold cup of tea, haven’t thought of using the ex-coffee water.

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