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Even pet waste can be recycled with Bokashi

I’ve had a few questions lately about cat litter and how to use it in conjunction with Bokashi. There’s a lot of good information here on Bokashicycle, a great US-based company working with Bokashi in many applications. But the basic principle is sprinkle some…

Bokashi chooks

If there’s one thing I’d love to do when I grow up it would be to have a bunch of chooks running around the yard. We have the space, but right now looking out at all the snow my head just spins with the…

Tim the dog…and his Bokashi diet

This is our dog Tim. He’s a Norwegian Lundehund, almost five years old now. Full of beans and a truly lovable character. Lundehunds are a breed under rescue, some 50 years ago there were only a handful left on earth, huddled on a stormy…

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