Bokashi goes luxury in Krabi

No, it’s the Bokashi going luxury, not us. Unfortunately.

This is an article I pulled out of a recent magazine from Thai Airways. They’re promoting this (admittedly gorgeous) resort in Krabi but the interesting thing is that Bokashi and EM are featured in the article as part of the resorts greener than green profile.

While maintaining its green environment, the staff has been trained in eco-friendly measures. Reduction of chemical usage is a top priority. To this end, the in-house fertilizer from organic waste is fermented to produce “Effective Microorganisms (EM)” used as a substitute for chemical fertilizer to nourish the garden.


Not that I think for a minute that all the flying miles spent on traveling to an eco-resort is in any way justified. But you have to admit it’s a cool thing to see EM featured in this way and becoming mainstream. The more of this we see the better!

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