Earthquake cleanup using EM in Christchurch

So many New Zealanders have lost their home and their hope to the recent earthquake in Christchurch. One small light in the dark is the work our colleagues in New Zealand are doing with EM. They have loaded up trucks with liquid EM (Effective Microorganisms) and are spraying it on contaminated areas to help fight the inevitable spread of odour and germs. Basically it’s a case of getting good bacteria to outnumber the bad bacteria before they get a hold.

It’s not till you see it happening you realize how much follows in the wake of an earthquake. Cleanup is not just about buildings, it’s also about preventing the spread of disease.

Good luck guys! Well done!

As they say on the YouTube clip…

A devastating earthquake in Christchurch on Feb 22nd 2011 has left the City with extensive liquefaction and raw sewage covering large urban areas.
EM is being used to spray over this smelly contamination to help control the bad odours and to help control the pathogens (bad bugs) that are present.
EM has a history of being used in many disaster recovery situations.
Naturefarm in conjunction with Interclean and CityCare are pleased to be making a difference by using EM to help this clean-up process.

More info here:

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