Bokashi is hot in Edmonton!

Here’s one of the cutest little Bokashi guys I’ve seen for a while!! His name’s Dexter and you can read about him and his family’s Bokashi project here. They’ve just started up their bin as part of a cool project going on in Edmonton just now. Wrote about it a while ago here and here. MikeContinue reading “Bokashi is hot in Edmonton!”

DIY Bokashi buckets — Swedish “green buckets”

Been meaning to post these pictures for ages! This is how we do DIY buckets in Sweden. It just doesn’t get much simpler than this! Plastic buckets with a neat lid and newspaper to take up the liquid. The buckets are standard off-the-shelf buckets — local manufacture and you’d probably find one in every homeContinue reading “DIY Bokashi buckets — Swedish “green buckets””

What more could a gardener wish for?

Great blog post here from Bokashicycle in the US, really worth reading. Get yourself a coffee first and take your time — here you’ll find a lot of answers to a lot of the Bokashi questions that people ask. A real deep dive into the subject. You may even need a second cup of coffee.Continue reading “What more could a gardener wish for?”

Save the bees!

Some of our best friends are bees. (And worms!) But we’re losing them, faster than many of us realised. So I signed a petition in the weekend, along with a half million others. Let’s save the bees! It’s all about chemicals. Getting them out of our food chain and getting the bees back in. IfContinue reading “Save the bees!”

Biogas — fuel from food waste

I don’t know how things are in your corner of the world, but here in Sweden there’s a lot happening on the biogas front. Making fuel out of food and animal waste would seem to be — on the surface — a cool way of making something good out of something bad. Which is is.Continue reading “Biogas — fuel from food waste”