Comments from a Bokashi newbie

Came across this blog from a guy out there (Edmonton, Canada I think) who’s just started on Bokashi. Thought you might be interested in hearing his perspective — so far so good it seems, he is really positive and want’s to make a difference. His buckets are working fine and his plan is to pass his ready batches on to his neighbours for their compost. Great news for the neighbours if they are keen gardeners…

See here for my first post, when I originally bought this little wonder It has been operating in my single-male household for just under 2 months. I add bones, meat scraps, fat, veggie skins and ends, leftover salads and rice dish scrapings, the usual stuff.

I have found the process to be fairly easy, and completely bug free.  I have also observed very little in the way of smell. A light pickling smell inside when you open the lid generally, slightly stronger when the system gets out of balance and something is wrong.

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3 thoughts on “Comments from a Bokashi newbie

  1. Love the cross posting 🙂 And yes, all is good so far! I just emptied my first full batch into the neighbours struggling compost and 2 weeks later it seems to have improved their bin dramatically.

    Keep up spreading the good word!
    -Mike @

    1. Good to hear! It would be great if you could keep us posted!
      btw, it’s often a good idea to dump a bagload of paper scraps into the compost after you’ve emptied your bokashi bucket — egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, cornflake boxes, whatever. It covers the bokashi (which is important) and helps you get a nice layering of green and brown in the compost (nitrogen + carbon). And if the compost is a bit wet it takes care of that too. Just an idea!

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