Community composting

These guys are cool! Fed up with watching food and garden waste going to, well, waste, they started a pickup service. It’s called Pedal to Petal, and the whole idea is to help people that want to make sure their food scraps end up somewhere other than landfill. Pedal to Petal is a cooperative, aContinue reading “Community composting”

Family are winners in war on waste

Cool story here about a family in the UK that have become champions. In the very down-to-earth business of cutting down the amount of waste they throw out. The winning family, Vicky and David Borrell their baby Isaac managed to win the prize by cutting their food waste by 100 per cent. They simply stopped throwingContinue reading “Family are winners in war on waste”

Try Bokashi in your vacuum cleaner!

Now I’m not the person you should come and talk to about cleaning. Vacuum cleaning is amongst the worse things I know. But the cleaner did actually come out in the weekend here and it reminded me that I really should mention my little Bokashi-in-the-vacuum-cleaner trick. Actually, it’s dead easy. Toss a handful of BokashiContinue reading “Try Bokashi in your vacuum cleaner!”

Local recycling at best — right under the apple tree!

Actually this is not the really deep and meaningful rave it could be about dealing with our waste ourselves, cutting down what we throw out and dealing with it as close to home as possible. Although it does go to the heart of the matter in its way. It’s about my apple tree. How we trimmed it backContinue reading “Local recycling at best — right under the apple tree!”