Tim the dog…and his Bokashi diet

This is our dog Tim. He’s a Norwegian Lundehund, almost five years old now. Full of beans and a truly lovable character. Lundehunds are a breed under rescue, some 50 years ago there were only a handful left on earth, huddled on a stormy island in the Lofoten archipelago on the far NW coast ofContinue reading “Tim the dog…and his Bokashi diet”

Watch my tomatoes grow!

Gabriel the gardening angel (great name!) is growing tomatoes, and you can see here how she’s comparing the healthiness of a couple of her plants — Tomato with Bokashi and Tomato without Bokashi. (Sounds almost like something on the menu of a flash café. Or the title of a still life painting…) Tomato-with-Bokashi has gotContinue reading “Watch my tomatoes grow!”

Bokashi in Kiama

Kiama is a great spot by the beach not so far south of Sydney. My aunt and uncle live there, it’s the ideal retirement spot for them with beautiful beaches they often walk along and some spectacular rainforest in the hills behind the coast. Best of all, not the manic daily life of the city. AndContinue reading “Bokashi in Kiama”