18. Dry leaves and bokashi

A somewhat slower but really smart way of making soil is to combine bokashi and autumn/fall leaves. We’ve talked about how autumn leaves can be added to a soil factory or bokashi tower to help along the soil production process. There’s another method, this time using more or less only autumn leaves. Dry leaves areContinue reading “18. Dry leaves and bokashi”

17. Bottomless bokashi barrel

Another option that works really well is to add a bottomless bokashi barrel to your garden bed. This is a great way of dealing with bokashi when you have no where to dig in your garden because every square centimeter is filled with fruit, vegetables and flowers. You can always find space for a bottomlessContinue reading “17. Bottomless bokashi barrel”

Organic recycling in Europe

I was out wandering in Bolzano, Italy the other day and saw this great example of organic waste collection. Very simple, it was just a brown bin outside the door of an apartment building in the old town. It just made me happy to see it, that’s all. So many cities say it can’t beContinue reading “Organic recycling in Europe”