Just found an EM Teachers’ Manual

Just stumbled across this great guide to using Bokashi and EM in schools. A 37-page manual aimed at teachers to help start up a Bokashi-based composting project in the classroom. Maybe not everything is relevant to where you live, but it’s something I haven’t seen before and gives you a lot of ideas for practicalContinue reading “Just found an EM Teachers’ Manual”

Bokashi kids: LeFevre Kindergarten in Australia

Here at Le Fevre Kindergarten in South Australia the kids have been putting their leftover sandwiches and bananas into the Bokashi bin for 10 years. And growing their own fruit and veggies in these great raised beds. I bet there’s many more lovely stories like this around, we’ll try and dig out a few moreContinue reading “Bokashi kids: LeFevre Kindergarten in Australia”