What more could a gardener wish for?

Great blog post here from Bokashicycle in the US, really worth reading. Get yourself a coffee first and take your time — here you’ll find a lot of answers to a lot of the Bokashi questions that people ask. A real deep dive into the subject.

You may even need a second cup of coffee. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “What more could a gardener wish for?

  1. Thanks for posting this, Jenny! I’ve shared the article among my more skeptical friends, so hopefully we’ll get a groundswell of soil renewal going here in the great white north.

    My Bokashi bin produced no tea for 10 days (panic!), but I suspect that may have to do with the three cups of dry rice that went in along with the other scraps. I’ve posted about it at my personal blog (www.thevalentine4.blogspot.com).

    Stay warm!

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