White Christmas…

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So if you were dreaming of a white Christmas this is how it would have looked! Pure unspoilt paradise, but so unbelievably cold.

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year — and may it be green start to finish!

9 thoughts on “White Christmas…

  1. We had a white Christmas too, though not quite as gorgeous-looking as yours. Beautiful photo’s!
    It’ll be a while before we can get our hands back into the soil :).
    Here’s wishing you a great, green new year too!

  2. It’s definitely white here, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The snow and the cold arrived about a month ago, capped off with four days of blowing snow just before the holidays. It is beautiful. But my drum composter has been frozen since October, so we picked up a Bokashi yesterday. Let’s hope it can handle two adults and six kids worth of food scraps until the thaw!

      1. I’m hoping that the fermented material will have reduced in bulk enough that I can add it to the drum composter and let it freeze there until the fall. Barring that, we have a few empty five gallon pails in the garage. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  3. Sorry, I meant “until the thaw”. We have about five gallons of frozen compostables (not fermented) and expect to have a similar volume in fermented material by the time things thaw here at the end of March. We don’t plant until May, so I’m hopeful that I can turn the thawed bokashi into our garden at the end of March, and it will be ready to plant for May 1. I’d welcome any suggestions you might have!

  4. …but sometimes it feels like it will be fall before it thaws! Think we’re on a similar schedule here, so it’s interesting to follow what you’re doing there in Edmonton. Sounds like you have a good plan, keep us posted!!
    btw, most people here find a bucket of “warm” Bokashi really kick starts a frozen compost when things start to thaw a bit. The stuff you dig down will probably take a while to become soil in the spring when the earth is still cold, but it doesn’t matter. Just go ahead and plant in it when the time is right, the plants are quite happy to grown on into your banana skins and chicken bones. And the worms will love you for it…

    1. Good to hear Desi!! I’m sure it’ll all work fine for you — and if not, it’s just to adjust the process a bit until it does (the heat, drainage, airtight aspects). Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? But honestly, Bokashi is tremendously forgiving. Let us know when you post an update with this so we can all follow how it’s going down there in your boiler room. And roll on spring…

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