Any Bokashi preschools out there?

We’re working here in Sweden with a lovely local preschool — it’s owned and run by the employees and they’re really committed to what they’re doing.

One project they’ve started up lately is Bokashi composting. So now there’s no more kitchen waste (and they make all their own food in their own kitchen) and instead there’s potatoes and strawberries growing in the play area. Tomorrow it’s open day at “Eldflugan” as they’re called, “Firefly”, and we’re going to talk to other preschools in the area, parents and families about Bokashi and how it all works.

Bokashi is relatively new in Sweden and Eldflugan is the first preschool in the country to take the concept on board and make it work. Which is really well done given our long cold winters and the fact they needed to store up sacks and sacks of Bokashi in a shed until the snow melted and they could start up the garden.

Now — what they’d love to do is get in touch with another preschool in another part of the world who’s using Bokashi and compare notes. Not just Bokashi composting but the whole eco-aspect of showing kids how sustainability works from the bottom up. Obviously the kids here speak Swedish but the teachers can handle English and German. So if there’s anyone out there with some good ideas please leave us a comment.

It would be great to get the kids in touch with each other and help them feel part of a bigger, more environmentally-friendly world.

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