Bokashi in a brave new world

Jenny Harlen
Photo: Jenny Harlen

First time I heard about Bokashi I wondered what the hell it was. And it made me very curious! Soon I was searching websites up and down for information and my curiousity only increased. This was definitely something we had to test. And assuming it worked (which of course it did, brilliantly), something that had to spread far and wide.

We’ve been composting as long as I can remember. Not especially well, just average drag-and-drop composting where everything ends up in a big heap and some years later you muck around in it and see what you’ve got. I always saw it as more of a storage place for stuff that should go back to nature somehow than for what it really is: a small scale soil factory that gives you everything you need to get your garden growing well.

Bokashi is far more than just a new-fangled form of composting however. And that’s what we’d like to take up here in this blog. Not only what is is, but how it works, why it works, what happens in your soil when Bokashi gets involved, and how to make all things Bokashi run as smoothly as possible.

We have lots of ideas and good information to share! And look forward to sharing it all.

This blog is something we do just to help spread the Bokashi word as far and wide as possible. In Sweden, where we live (even though I’m from New Zealand orginally), we run the EM Bokashi webshop. You can visit it on, soon there’ll be an English version but just now it’s only in Swedish.

Please feel free to get in touch if there’s anything you’d like us to take up or would like to know more about. Look forward to hearing from you!

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