Summer in Sweden

Just came across this picture when I was looking for something else and thought I’d share it. A typical Swedish cottage in a typical Swedish allotment garden! In a typical Swedish summer. And even though it’s hard to believe things will ever be green again for at least half of the year here, when it does come it suddenly seems all worthwhile.

Midsummer is coming up in three weeks or so and that’s about when spring starts to feel more like summer. Just now the ditches are full of wildflowers and lupins are starting to sprout pink and blue everywhere. The grass grows as you watch it (good or bad depending on how much grass you have to cut.) And the fresh new deer are in seventh heaven jumping around all over the fresh new fields.

Kind of nice. Makes you feel privileged.

2 thoughts on “Summer in Sweden

  1. That’s absolutely idyllic Jenny; thanks for sharing. I think I can understand putting up with the cold for a short time in heaven now.

    1. Been taking all sorts of pictures lately — will post a few of them in due course! Things grow as hell when you have daylight round the clock! /Jenny

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