Juicy green sunflower shoots!

So it’s snowing here. Already. Which means the outdoor gardening season is definitely over.
All operations have been moved to the kitchen windowsill.
And already I’m longing for something fresh and green!
Started up a little patch of sunflower seeds the other day. It’s a really inspiring thing to do if you haven’t done it, not the least hard and it’s a real treat to pick some fresh shoots whenever you want.
There are probably many ways of doing this but this is what I do:
  • Fill a shallow dish or plastic tray with soil. Obviously your own home-made Bokashi soil is the soil of choice!
  • Put a handfull of sunflower seeds in a glass jar and fill with water. Use the birdseed kind not the skinned ones you buy for baking and müsli.
  • Put the jar somewhere dark for a day or two, a cupboard or drawer is perfect. This seems to get the process going.
  • Tip out the seeds and water onto the soil tray and put some sort of clear lid over the whole thing to create a mini-glasshouse for a couple of days. The lid should be a bit askew so plenty of air gets in.
  • That’s it! Just water as needed and enjoy the treat! They’ll be up and shooting in no time.

You might notice a bit of white fluffy stuff in the photos. It’s related to the Bokashi in the soil and a sign of good health!

Love to hear any other windowsill ideas for a frustrated off-season gardener. However nice these sunflower seeds are we’ll all be getting a bored of them come April!

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