Midsummer magic


Last weekend we celebrated midsummer here.

It rained. As it should.

But it was magic. Truly, wonderfully, magic. Imagine you’re walking home across fields of lupins at 1 in the morning and the sun is sort of going down on the horizon sort of at the same time it’s coming up on the other. The horizons are not even opposite each other the way they are elsewhere, at this time of year the sun-setting side is far to the right and the sun-up side is far to the left and the sun just sort of bounces down a tad in the gap.

Which has nothing to do with Bokashi. Whatsoever. Except for one soil thing I came to think of as I did the midnight lupin wander — that lupins are apparently great bringers of nitrogen to the soil. They pull it out of the air and plant it in the soil. Extremely handy if you could ever – ever! — dig them all up and plant something food-related I imagine.

But for the time being I’ll just enjoy the lupins the way they are. We’re surrounded by great swathes of them, pink, blue, white, purple. They are a living hell to dig up as their roots go down deep as an arm. We usually mow them after their month long flowering and they pop up again undimished spring after spring. Usually sprouting a good many descendents in every available nook and cranny in the garden.

So we’re enjoying our midsummer magic here! Hope it’s a wonderful time wherever you are too!

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