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Are you a new beginner wanting to know how to start? Or a seasoned bokashi user looking for answers to questions and wanting to discuss with others around the world?

Either way you’ll find your answers here! Here at Bokashiworld, we’ve been experimenting with bokashi for over ten years and blogging about things as we learn them. We share stories from bokashi projects around the world. We connect communities. And most exciting of all — we’re now running bokashi development projects in countries where bokashi is needed as most. This year we’re starting a big bokashi project in Myanmar — follow our story here. (And we’d love it if you would like to contribute something to it).

We’ve collected a lot of reference material on this site, just check under the Learn menu above. Films, blogs we like, good books and great articles. Because we’re passionate about soil, we write a lot about soil organic carbon and regenerative soil, if you go through our Facebook page you’ll find many a good link there. If you’re looking for a supplier of original EMRO bokashi in your country, check our listings here.

Feel free to leave a comment here on the blog or contact us through our Facebook page. But if you’re curious how others have dealt with similar issues to yours, join the Bokashi World discussion group on Facebook. You’ll never feel alone again when it comes to bokashi!

We’ve grouped our blog into categories to make it easier to follow the subjects you’re most interested in. To follow it in chronological order click here!

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